Orange Wrestling

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  • I am a member of the Olentangy Orange Wrestling team and I accept the responsibilities that come with the privileges of being part of this group
  • I will accept 100% of the responsibility for my actions
  • I believe in my coaches and the system they put into place
  • I will keep my body clean of drugs, alcohol ad tobacco.  I realize this can be challenging in today's high school climate, but I will do it anyway
  • I understand that working to achieve my highest potential in all areas of my life directly impact my wrestling results, but more importantly, my life
  • I understand that mastery of a skill takes time and effort
  • I will do what is needed for my team to succeed; I will have fun and embrace the fellowship of my peers
  • Words mean little; I will show with my action
  • I will be an example for others

Team Creed