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“Embrace the challenge of being great.”

Welcome to the start of my second season here at Orange and already we have started off FAST!!! Our Orange wrestling family hosted our 1st annual Holiday Hustle 5K at OOHS and it was extremely successful, with so much help from our parents and wrestlers our 5k went off without a hitch and allowed us to raise money to help continue to fund our entire program. We also have started our wildly successful Orange crush program with youth wrestlers grade (K-6) and with the help of parents, wrestlers, coaches and current High School and Jr. High wrestlers our program is really starting to take off.

In addition, our coaching staff has made some changes with Coach Brian Hipsher taking over at Orange middle school, with all of his years of success and experience I know Coach Hipsher and Coach Disabato are going to take Orange Middle to new heights! The great coach Mark Emrich has retired from wrestling at Berkshire middle and has been replaced by coach Andy Branham a former State Champion and former head coach at London High School. I’m sure coach Branham will continue to grow the success that coach Emrich has laid the groundwork for at Berkshire middle. Lastly Coach Josh Winn has moved up to OOHS from orange middle and we feel with his knowledge, hard work and coaching ability he will be a huge asset to our staff.

I look forward to continuing to get to know and work with all of the members of our orange wrestling family, as we take the next steps of making OUR program great at all levels. Happy Holidays and GO NEERS!!

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More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride.  Some have wrestled without great skill-none have wrestled without pride

-Dan Gable

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