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Note From the Coaching Staff:

Hello Wrestlers and Parents, 

I am so glad that you are considering the sport of wrestling.  Not a lot of people know about REAL wrestling, many more are familiar with the funny stuff you see on TV. I started my wrestling career when I got cut from the basketball team in 8th grade.  I was undersized for basketball, but I had a lot of heart.  I sure am glad my coach encouraged me to wrestle.  At first, I had no idea what I was doing, and that is how most kids are in middle school...but within a few week I had the basics down and was having a blast.  Throughout the sport I learned how to push myself harder then I could have imagined.  My teammates helped me become the best I could be.  I enjoyed the sport so much , that I eventually ended up wrestling in college, and now I look forward to coaching future wrestlers.  I learned that wrestling is a life skill, something that carries over into all parts of a person's development.  Life will certainly throw struggles and challenges our way, but when we wrestle well, we can overcome anything in our path. I use the lessons I learned on the mat everyday at work and at home. Check out this website for some more good reasons to wrestle, I really hope you will join us.  I look forward to working with your child to teach them life skills through the sport of wrestling...and by the way-we are going to be great!

Best Regards

Coach Hipsher

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Once you have wrestled everything else in life is easy.

      -Dan Gable

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