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Running two full varsity programs, as well as boys and girls youth and supporting middle school programs, is a daunting task.   Over the last few years, both coaching staffs and boosters have explored how to best support the programs while providing value-added marketing for our donors and sponsors.  By introducing five levels of sponsorship (plaques: Blue, Orange & Champions, and banners: Silver and Gold), there is an opportunity for everyone to help our boys and girls programs achieve greatness.


For a school that has been open for only fifteen years, Olentangy Orange has moved a huge number of wrestlers through its program, from kindergarten to walking across the graduation stage.  Many have wrestled in college.  The boys have won an OCC title, a things-legends-are-made-of sectional title and are perennially in the top ten in Central Ohio.  They have placed young men on the podium and through the tunnel at the Schottenstein Center.  The girls side was launched in 2019, and while it was originally rolled into the boys team, Girls wrestling became a sanctioned sport for the 2022 season which allowed the programs to be split for greater growth and management.   The girls have emerged quickly, finishing top three in each of the four state tournaments and winning two state dual titles.  Between the two high school programs, the roster will be near 100 wrestlers.  The boys and girls youth teams are expected to be near the same number.  While these numbers are amazing, it does present an obstacle, but one that was starting to be addressed this past summer.

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