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Between the two high school programs, the roster will be near 100 wrestlers.  The boys and girls youth teams are expected to be near the same number.  While these numbers are amazing, it does present an obstacle, but one that is being addressed this past summer.


For 15 years, we’ve explored a variety of ways to enclose the wrestling room, as this would allow each team to practice, unhindered, regardless of basketball games or practices.  From full plans for a hard wall all the way to moving it completely to a building.   None were fiscally feasible, costing upwards up $100,000  for a wall to two million for an external build.   Since we have excellent space (almost three mats), a third option was implemented this summer: removal of the top bleachers, installation of an extended guard rail and the addition of an acoustic curtain the length of the wrestling room.   This will allow workouts for high school, youth and even middle school (when needed) to extend into the evening and cover a series of days.


Based on money raised, the following are completed or eventual upgrades:

  • Retractable 120’ x 25’ acoustic curtain 

  • Wrestling-only weight room space

  • Additional bikes and cardio equipment

  • Storage space with cubes

  • Framing and wall padding in auxiliary room

  • Large school logos on wall mats

  • Peg boards

  • Team banners

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